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Douglas Gillies interviewed Robert Muller, former UN Asst. Secretary General, and Tom Van Sant, creator the GeoSphere Project, on April 25, 2007. They talked about Dr. Muller's vision for Paradise Earth.

— Paradise Earth —

Robert Muller
Here is the audio replay of Robert Muller and Tom Van Sant's interview with Douglas Gillies. Thank you for your questions. Use the play buttons to listen to the interview. To download the audio, right-click "Download MP3" and choose Save Target or Download.
Robert Muller
Douglas Gillies

70 min.

Robert Muller's Biography

"Robert Muller has had a very large positive inflluence on me. He's one of the greatest men to come along in a long time." — Ted Turner

"Muller's exemplary life and work are remembered in this outstanding and highly recommended survey of his life and accomplishments." — Midwest Book Review

"When the true history of the 20th century is told, Robert Muller's name will stand out as on of the greatest world servers of all time. This powerful book is filled with stories and anecdotes that delight as they illumine the path of greatness." — Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Robert Muller's biography

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